Application Instuctions


Apply Bio-Clean when drains will not be used for 6 to 8 hours (at bedtime for example). Mixing Bio-Clean with warm water works best. Hair that collects on the mechanical stoppers digests slowly. Pull out the stopper and remove as much hair as you can manually. For totally blocked pipes restore flow with plunger or cable before starting the treatments.

If extended treatment and plunging don't restore full flow, some inorganic matter (e.g. a toy, glass, toothbrush, bobby pins) is in the line and will have to be removed manually OR the microbes in bio-clean or begin inactivated by chlorinated, antibacterial products. Switch to biodegradable cleaners.

First time users:  Treat every drain 5 consecutive days.
Maintenance:  Treat each drain once per month.

Sinks, Tubs, and Showers

Mix 1 tablespoon of BIO-CLEAN with 1 pint of warm water

Floor Drains

Mix 3 Tablespoons of Bio-Clean with 3 pints warm water


Mix 2 Tablespoons of BIO-CLEAN with 2 pints warm water. Pour the mixture into the toilet then add 2 pints plain water to the bowl to push more of the product into the sewer line. Do NOT flush for 6-8 hours.

Garbage Disposals

Mix 1 tablespoon of BIO-CLEAN with 1 pint warm water. With Disposal running quickly pour in solution and turn off disposal so the product gets thrown onto the side walls where food particles accumulate. Odors come from waste that sticks to the disposal wall and slowly molds and rots. It is hurled there by the high speed rotating blades. By following BIO-CLEAN instructions this waste will be quickly digested by the live cultures, thus eliminating the odor. 

Septic Tank/Cesspool

2lb Can – Use 2 cans of Bio-Clean. Add 1 can of Bio-Clean directly to the septic tank by mixing it with warm water and flushing it down the toilet or pour directly into the tank. Use the other can to treat all the drains in the house once per month. This will add live bacteria to the septic tank on a monthly basis and keep the drains running free and clean.

Septic Packets - 1 box of 12 Septic Packets is equal to 2 cans of Bio-Clean. When using septic packets it is not necessary to pre-treat the tank. Just flush the contents of 1 Septic Packet down the toilet every month. (The Clean Gene Reminder Magnet will remind you to do this every month)
**Both treatments mentioned above will treat up to a 1,000 Gallon Septic Tank for 1 Year.

Septic Fields

Mix 2lbs BIO-CLEAN with 2 Gallons of warm water for every 50 ft. of field pipe. Apply though distribution box, vent pipes or clean-out. Wait 3 weeks and then do the same treatment again.

Sumps With Pumps

Mix 2 Tablespoons of BIO-CLEAN with 2 pints warm water
When ground water accumulates in sumps, odors may be noticeable. This is especially true if household or sanitary waste is present. BIO-CLEAN eliminates the odor by quickly digesting organic material in the waste water. Pumps will require less energy when the rotor, housing and lines are free of build-up. Lower energy costs and longer pump life are added bonuses for using BIO-CLEAN.

Outhouses and Vaults

Mix 1.5 Cups of BIO-CLEAN in 1 Gallon of water and pour on waste once a month

Mention an outhouse and the first thing that pops to mind is ODOR! BIO-CLEAN turns the waste into water and carbon dioxide very quickly. This dramatically reduces odor and flies. Cleaning and disposal of the pit become easier and it is more pleasant for the user, too.


Black water tanks: After first use of toilet add 2 tablespoons BIO-CLEAN mixed in 1 pint warm water.
Grey water tanks: After first shower mix 2 tablespoons BIO-CLEAN with 1 pint of water and pour into drain.
**Retreat after dumping tanks. If odor is noticed between dumps add 1 tablespoon BIO-CLEAN.

As the waste water level increases in the tank some scum adheres to the sides and sensor. When the tank is drained, more scum is deposited. With continued use, this coating becomes odorous. It is additional weight and reduces tank capacity. There is no large access to the tanks and the build-up is so great that clean-up is difficult and time consuming that replacing the tank is often less expensive!

R.Ver's using chemicals in their tank are also encountering the new problem of not being able to dispose of their chemically treated waste at many dump stations. Waste water treatment plants do not want this chemical toxicity in their plants, so they charge dump stations large fines.

If BIO-CLEAN is used from the beginning, a tank will drain cleanly, including the sensor, if there is one. Using BIO-CLEAN in a tank previously treated with chemicals will take larger doses and some time to overcome the toxicity. It will, however, remove the old build-up. Waste from tanks treated with BIO-CLEAN is accepted anywhere because it is biologically active.

Black water tanks: After first use of toilet add 2 tablespoons BIO-CLEAN though toilet.
Grey water tanks: After first shower mix 2 tablespoons BIO-CLEAN with 1 pint of water and pour into drain.

Retreat after dumping tanks. If odor is noticed between dumps add 1 tablespoon BIO-CLEAN.

Cat Box Odors

With every littler change sprinkle a thin even layer of BIO-CLEAN on the bottom of the litter pan. Add NON-DEODERIZED kitty litter then sprinkle another thin layer of bio-clean on the top. Add more Bio-Clean as needed between litter changes.

When the cat urinates in the litter box it will activate the Bio-Clean and biodegrade the cat urine which is where most of the odor associated with a litter box comes from.


User Testimonial

“ new plumber recommend Bio-Clean. After three cycles of 5-days-in-a-row, once-a-month treatments, my pipes suddenly cleared, the laundry no longer caused the commode to act up, and my plumbing is trouble-free for the first time in 20 years! And it has remained trouble-free for months. It's a miracle!

Thank you, Bio-Clean!”

S. Jones Richmond, Virginia